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  • rustyjlk rustyjlk Feb 10, 2009 1:20 PM Flag

    All my OT cut

    Walgreens made a decision to cut every managers overtime. I now make 4800 less. Our sales were up for walgreens, its like thanks for increasing sales, were going to cut your pay now! I am an assistant manager. Business are out of touch.

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    • Actually, I hardly ever act like this online. Like you I, as an Asst. Manager, was curious about what was being discussed online as far as the cuts were concerned so I did a google search and came across this board. Then, without provocation, I am attacked by this "yank" person for being a fraud. Where this "yank" person is coming from or what his/her beef is I have no idea. Anyway, I've put "yank" on ignore.

    • Same here. I simply did a google search and got the link here and I already had an e-mail account with yahoo so I didn't even need to sign up.

    • Will you guys quit acting like frickin' 13 year olds? It is possible to have an argument without resorting to accusations and name-calling.

      And for the record, the only reason I found this topic is because Google brought me to it when I was searching for WAG employees reaction to the cuts. It was this forum, Topix forum, and JobVent that were the main results.

    • anyone that's trying to follow your "logic" can probably come to the same conclusion I have. You are either drunk while on this board or you are psychotic.

    • Try putting this into the google search you f***in' sick jerk.

      walgreens assistant manager cuts 4

      the 4 refers to 4 hours in cuts you sick jerk. Learn how to google you MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We are paid an hourly wage.

    • Nope. MGTs (manager trainees -- Asst Mgrs) are all on the clock. There is no set salary. The set salaries are for the EXA (Executive Asst Manager) and the store manager.

    • Little Billy,

      You fouled up your paperwork to get your unemployment benefits as they cannot be filled out in crayon. You say you were fired for clumsily destroying valuable merchandise while unloading trucks at your previous place of employment(Walgreens) and were fired. You list previous experience as two decades of "shining executives shoes", but state that there are currently no shoe shine boy jobs available to you. Please resubmit your paperwork after filling it out properly IN PEN and your benefits should soon commence. Your tax dollars at work.

    • I am a Walgreens store manager. Today I had to tell my assistants that they were getting a 14% pay cut based on what they were offered as their base pay. I hated every minute of it. Most of the employees in the store are not the primary bread winners of their household. Assistants are in many cases. They earn good money for their efforts, which in turn generate good profits for the company based on the customer service they offer. If morale on behalf of the assistants is to decline, their job performance will suffer. Resulting in more customer dissatisfaction. This is not what I got promoted to store manager for, giving bad news to trusted staff. When I was an assistant if I was given a 14% pay cut, I, as the primary breadwinner of the family, I don't know if we would have been able to survive. This is a very shortsighted view by Walgreens. In reality it will benefit the company by over 100 million per year but at what cost? Service declining, morale declining and overall performance declining. This is one of the worst days I have ever spent at the company that once I would have praised as one of the most employee friendly companies in the nation. Ever since Walgreens has not been headed by someone with the last name of Walgreen we have become more a corporation and less a vocation. Since Kevin and Charles III have left, it has become increasingly difficult to justify our existence, without using the word profit. Profit used to be a good word that showed that we were providing a service to the community and were shown loyalty by that community. It has since just become another word to show that as a corporation we are an investment. Investment also used to be a good word. It showed that we are good stewards not only of the investment made in us but of the Walgreens name, a name which meant quality service, a friendly smile and helpful face but of that something extra. Above and beyond. Serving our customers needs whenever possible. Now we are a corporate entity. Sad.

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      • I am an exa in st louis and before all these cuts i had scheduled my assistants to work 40 hours and it was there responsibility to make up those extra 4 hours of overtime if they wanted it. Some made a little of it up while the others didnt even care. Now with the cuts I have scheduled them 38 hours and its their job to make up an extra 2. There are some mgt's that are probably thinking about moving to be an EXA to get that extra pay back. Unfortunately they are not going to have exa classes this year. There is way to many exa's and just not enough stores. As far as bonuses go, I have heard from corporate that manager and exa bonuses are not going away. Things are going to be totally fine with walgreens and the entire economy is suffering but everything will end up ok.

    • you still have a job...correct? you still have profit sharing, ...benefits, correct??? stop crying,,,,you should fill LUCKY you have a J O B!!!!! YOUR COMPANY WANTS TO MAKE SURE IT STAYS PROFITABLE, SO PEOPLE LIKE YOU CAN KEEP THERE JOB! GET OVER IT, OR GET OUT!

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      • gocats2001 Feb 11, 2009 8:16 PM Flag

        I work for Walgreens not as an MGT but as a store manager. I have been recruiting MGT's for a vary long time. I strongly believe that all mgt's have a reason to be upset. When Mgt's are hired they are given their yearly salary based on 44 hours. This overtime is unfortunately the only thing that makes the salary competitive for a college grad even in todays job market. Most that i know could find an entry level job with a different company making the same amount of money without the weekends, nights, or holidays. I encourage all MGT's to find another job. Perhaps then they will wake up. For Walgreens management to think that they are offering a competitive salary is ridiculous. I am not convinced that we were at the point that we need ed to cut pay yet after all we still made more than 400 million last quarter. If we are cutting pay than I believe that it needs to be across the board. The mgt's have about the crappiest job in the company and are now compensated very poorly. As a store manager I would happily give up my bonus to keep my MGT's happy. They are the only reason for most of our success.

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