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  • bananarug7 bananarug7 Feb 11, 2009 8:01 AM Flag

    company match...


    Don't feel bad for this idiot. Look at his posts, he is a union organizer. Nothing more.

    He has an agenda. It is so pathetic that he is trying to unionize WAG on a message board.


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    • Union organizer?


      Nice try.

      Only allusion I made to unions was "if Walgreens management was unionized, every store in the country would be closed today because of the picket lines."

      Sorry, genius, but that is fact. And here's another fact for your young, millenium-generation "me first" mentals: Unionization will never happen to the retail management core. Will never happen.

      Won't happen in right-to-work states either (know what those are?) with general staff employees. Walgreens is having some anxious moments about it, but when the economy upswing reaches the Walgreens employee level, WAG is going to see an exodus of employees bolting of the likes not seen since Moses.