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  • I wasn't moaning then. They took a chance and lost. Let them eat it. Just like myself who has taken the chance in the stock market.

    Question: Watched a CNN interview with a congress woman from the great bankrupt state of California who has taken care of everyone legals and illegals alike. This is what is going to happen to the rest of the country. Getting back to the question: This congress woman owned 6 homes, according to interviewer. She asked her about her 6 homes and stated that 3 were in foreclosure and another was heading that way. She asked her if she would benefit from this bail out and she said it wasn't any of her business. She should eat those loses and I don't believe that taxpayer should help her with her risk. But you know she will.

    First of all I'm not putting a spin on anything. I figured you were pretty informed. But why would you not look at those hearings and comment on them?

    Because you won't. I couldn't believe either until I saw it. Also, I don't believe that Bush was perfect either. But I don't think you will.