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  • bananafana4friend bananafana4friend Mar 1, 2009 10:41 PM Flag


    I didn't vote for that con artist. Here are a few questions I'd like answered. How did a community organizer go from that to senator and a multi million dollar house in 2 years. How did his wife get an appointment to a 300k job. Isn't that what blogo was trying to get for his wife? He's just like the others a con artist liar. He reminds me of ronald raygun. He said he wouldn't cut social security ..and I guess he didn't he just raised the age so more would be dead befoe they can collect it. No hussein is smart he's not going to raise INCOME tax on people making less than 250k. But his is transportation secretary la hood wants to put GPS on every car and charge you a carbon tax., Why the GPS just add the tax on the gas so people with economical cars pay less than gas guzzlers. Then there is the cap and trade for CO2 emmissions they think could be worth almost a trillion...does anyone realize the cost of those carbon credits will just get passed on to the consumers. But gee those arn't income taxes now are they. Obama is suffering from delusions of grandure. He thinks he can spend a trillion and nothing bad will happen like hyper inflation and currency collapse. He lives in fantacyland. Listen carefully he speaks like raygun its not what he says but what he doesn't say

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