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  • pamperroom pamperroom Aug 19, 2009 1:02 PM Flag

    On Wag as an investment

    "So.... you disagree that WAG share price has increased by over 25% year to date. That type of return works for me. For you, not so much, I guess.

    So.. you disagree that their balance sheet is pristine?

    So... you disagree that their cash flow is superb?

    So.. you disagree that their cost controls are outstanding?"

    Item one. Yes this year has been good, but even you know the argument on that one. It has had a poor ( to be kind) decade. Long term investors have gotten killed.

    Item two. Yes the balance sheet is pristine. Been that way for a long time and the investment community just yawns. They have misused the balance sheet as a strategic weapon. And it is not as good as it was a couple fo years ao.

    Item 3. Cash flows ... right again but if you don't use it properly it is a waste. Give it back to the shareholders if they can;t come up with a good strategy.

    Item 4. Cost control. Perhaps. I work with some companies that have been in business for a long time and they have cut costs 30% in the past year without a loss in revenue. It's all relative.

    Your statements are the same ones that have been make for years. I am still waiting for some good news to make me change my mind and invest in this company. Right now the best news would be a buyout of the company by some one with a vision for the future. It looks like a takeover to me for all the reasons you think it is a great company. Good balance sheet, great cash flow, good brand name.

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    • Please, ivan, stop with the ridiculous games.

      It is just too easy to refute your childishness.

      p a m p e r r o o r n ... just another offshoot of the original.

      Just like p a r n p e r r o o m.

      You just aren't fooling anyone, anymore.



    • Oh, and I forgot to update the scoreboard....

      irunthe262 - not even one TOS violation
      Yank - 2 complete ID flushes - yankwagschain and yankknows..ivanblos

      You tried to go head to head with me, pal. You lost.

      You know, we wouldn't be having this conversation if only you were able to post with 1 ID. Sadly, you cannot.

    • Evidently, from the 5 stars on my posts to your 2, the board cares. And it's D-A-M-N, by the way. Just sayin'.

    • I learned a long time ago there are 2 types of investors. Some people trade on technical merits and look at the movement of the stock without regard to the companies balance sheet. Others look at the management, balance sheet, operations, industry, trends within the industry, competition etc. I fall into the 2nd category. Walgreens is a solid company, good management who know the business. They are the cream of the retail drug industry. Baby boomers are in line to purchase more from this company as the years progress. More importantly WAG has positioned itself well to survive in this economic downturn by slowing store growth at the right time. The majority of units are less than 5 years old in an industry where it takes 5 years to have an individual store profitable. By slowing growth the company is certain to show greater profitability in the near future and will exceed expectations. I feel WAG is a great company with a great future and have advised others that the time to invest is soon coming. No one I know can predict the exact highs and lows of a stock so by taking a long position now you are ensuring long term profits and a dramatic rise in price over the long haul

    • sweet_lilac_fartz2 sweet_lilac_fartz2 Aug 20, 2009 9:57 PM Flag

      "Now - the truth is I'm an amateur equity and option trader. From my kitchen. Or den, or pool deck, or where ever. Believe it or don't. Yes, I run marathons. Yes, I really train hard. Yes, I read all day long when I'm not running. I eat, breathe, sleep, run, read and bathe. I experiment with nutrition on myself. That's about it. And of course, I do the normal family things. "

    • You're right, I am ablind.umpire, stckpckwnnr among many other IDs and I have been here before. I was run off of this board by Bananarug, who beeetchslapped me and made me go into hiding! I am an old retired fart who didn't want to retire, but my boss just walked into my office on day and said YOU ARE RETIRED! I am a lot like Yank, who claimed to be the board sheriff, but I, like Yank, turned out to be more deputy Fife than a sheriff. I don't have money to invest just like Yank and I like to argue over and over boring and mundane points, since I do have plenty of time along with plenty of IDs to star my posts when others disagree with me, sort of like my friend Yank does. I resent the young and fit posters like Irun, since I am old and incontinent, once again like my friend Yank. I resent Bananarug who owns his own consulting service and I sure as heck resent Walgreen stockholders who have a ton of money and either worked or still work for the company like Taiguy! I will just sit here day after day and stink just like my friend Yank and try and hide the fact that others are successful and and am just an old dork!


    • The reason I seem so fixated on "potato" and "potatoes" is because it is a microcosm of what happens here on this board.

      As you can see, when I make a mistake, I own it. I admit I made a mistake (Gomer Pile, the charts, etc.) and we have a laugh and move on.

      The poster who posted the misspelling of potato AND potatoes, when confronted with this simple typo, REFUSED to acknowledge the mistake, and claimed it was I who was in error. Actually, confronting is a bad choice of words. It was more playful needling, as in "Hey there Danny Boy" (Dan Quayle, get it?).

      Indeed, this poster then began a diatribe of ridiculous name calling (how I became Mr. Potatoehead in his mind is baffling) instead of focusing on the post.

      So if you're going to BEGIN a post with something stupid like genitalia size and marathon running, you're going to get smacked down. And you won't win. And I say that not out of arrogance, but rather from experience. The board readers KNOW I am an honest poster, who posts down the middle. They like me. They don't like folks who cannot admit mistakes or when they were wrong.

      So when I start to get all puffy-chested (as someone once posted), and claim I'm right when clearly I'm wrong, the board will tell me so with 2 stars.

      It's funny because I've found that no matter how many times one guy tries to 1-star my posts, the mature board readers will balance out the one guy with multiple IDs.

      So, I know you're kind of new here, but you can take my advice or not. Again, the choice is yours. And, if you happen to be Yank’s alter ego, you can start again by not being such a, well, pamperfull….

    • I promise you, I'm not taiguy, and I'm not an WAG employee. I work for myself. However, I did notice that you conveniently left out what you do.

      Regarding DCA: You know what? You're right in the sense that DCA is a "regular", predictable purchase, such as $100 each month. I guess I don't DCA in the strict sense of the word. I guess I'm more of a market timer (I hate that because the pros say you shouldn't do that), but I make bigger purchases when I think the time is right. I cal it doubling down, or chasing. I made my first WAG purchase at 43.86 on October 31, 2006. I went positive on this stock about 8 weeks ago, and that's that. When I divest, I stop posting. No stake. No need to BS. You never answered the question I posed about why you're here if you don't have a stake.

      Since I watch this stuff all day, every day, I have been able to "time" more appropriately. Once upon a time, I would actually post my trades here - as in, "Hey guys, I'm buying today... or I'm selling calls, or I'm buying puts...."

      That is, until your friend Yank started calling me an inside trader, a puts putz and all the rest. So I took it private, and now trade emails with a few, interested people. That's it.

      As you can see I'm pretty reasonable when the conversation is reasonable. You lead the conversation, and I follow. You start with the idiocy, and I return in kind. See how this works?

      Look, if you don't think I'm telling the truth, well, I guess there's nothing I can do, now can I?

      You think I'm taiguy - but then you would have to tell me I argue with myself over politics (which is meaningless to a WAG investment board, right?) because I'm a left leaning centrist and he's a very right republican. By the way, I haven't seen a post from him in weeks... AND when I asked where he was, he didn't respond. So how do you explain THAT? It's my PLAN to diss myself? Strange.

      No, Taiguy uses more attacking, outside TOS stuff than I do. He gets flushed from time to time. I don't. Not my style. He's more sensitive to the pharmacy stuff than I am, naturally, because I think he's a pharmacist.

      Now - the truth is I'm an amateur equity and option trader. From my kitchen. Or den, or pool deck, or where ever. Believe it or don't. Yes, I run marathons. Yes, I really train hard. Yes, I read all day long when I'm not running. I eat, breathe, sleep, run, read and bathe. I experiment with nutrition on myself. That's about it. And of course, I do the normal family things.

      But when you're training like I do, frankly you don't have time for much else when you're in the middle of the program like I am. Hey, go ahead and make fun of it if you want to, but I'll take my 118/75 BP and 38BPM resting heart rate any day of the week over a lifetime of diabetes.

      Now, you can post honestly, or you can not post honestly. It's your choice.

    • Yank,

      You know the game ... once the conversation gets serious, start making fun, pull out all the old ID's, look at the spelling. In other words, change the subject.

      IRUN sounds an awful lot like Taiguy to me. But he denies that he is an employee. We'll see. Why would anyone that is not an employee use DCA on this stock. Maybe he is a kept man and his wife earns the money so he can run and be an "investor". Sure. This all has a predictable ending.

    • Zzzzzzzzz yawn ! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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