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  • rhyming_guy rhyming_guy Dec 29, 2009 9:01 PM Flag

    Gouging for Dollars!

    Day after day this fool keeps on posting
    while everyone laughs and continues his roasting
    his messages fall flat and are ignored by the board
    to post so piss poorly you need a head like a gourd
    he's bitter and hateful and envious too
    his face would look right at home in the zoo
    so why do we bother to ridicule this goof
    are we hoping he tries to jump off his roof
    no we just like revealing the error of his ways
    and hope that he snaps out of his perpetual haze
    so even for Yank there's a glimmer of hope
    he doesn't have to remain this habitual dope
    he needs to stop posting and go get a job
    and lose some of that tonnage and stop dressing like a slob
    but the most important and this will come as no shock
    he needs to buy Wag and go long on their stock

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