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  • cmxgen cmxgen Mar 11, 2010 2:52 PM Flag

    Ent Val / Rev = 5.1 (extreme value)

    haha if your new to investing don't follow this logic.

    Look at 10 year chart, the value has always been there, return not so?

    If your new to investing let me save you years of research, follow companies with good cash on the books, low debt, continued positive cash flows, and good volatility. Then sell calls and puts.

    Wag is a good buy under 30 and sell at 35, but the cycle is slow, thats why its not a wall street darling. You are better off buying a ton of other stocks.

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    • I currently want to invest on something long term. gets dividends and let it grow for years. Looking to diversify a bit and reevalue my porfolio every quarter.

      I was looking at wag and c. they both seem to be stable, low risk companies.

      Do you have any good company on your porfolio if youd ont mind sharing.

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      • keep something in mind, this is a yahoo message board and there are many yahoos on here.

        take your portfolio and understand what growth and risk you would like.

        Some key stocks I think maybe worth looking at are brk-b, pot, monsanto (as population ages we need food). tech stocks always look good given cash on hand.

        Do you sell puts? this is a good way to buy stocks. Example, if you sell 1 contract of POT Apr 100 put you will receive about 100 dollars. If the price of POT on expiration is less than 100 yo will buy it at 100 but your purchase price is 99 dollars given the 1 dollar you received in credit. if it trades above 100 you wont buy the shares, and you will keep the 100