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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Mar 18, 2010 10:31 PM Flag


    Another translucent term.

    SGA is part of all business, if you are saying that walgreens is not getting the bang for the buck it spend's on all it's executives staff say that..In fact I agree with you, its been said that most exec's do better taking about visiting all 50 US states than making deals for revenue growth in them.
    Look at Washington state and the Exec of Walgreen's that thinks he is going to play pricing hardball there. This is a person with no solutions to build a company or create the next phase in medical cost management.
    I would bet Baxter/Caremark/CVS has looked at this problem and is ready to move on this market.
    A US state without a healthcare cost problem, where is it??? Florida, New York,
    Tennessee. I dont think so.
    Again..?? I ask is mail order Rx's the be all end all in the Healthcare cost issues.

    I'm looking to invest in this sector but until I see a company with a forward thinking position and well intragrated solution to controll costs I will put my money on Big Pharma, And will play the high and lows of trading here.