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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Mar 30, 2010 7:01 PM Flag


    Good luck in playing that folly.

    What I have seen is mini-marts, with the pharmacy closer to the store's entrance, cleaver move... going after the the post war baby-boomers.
    If RAD's CEO, can get her understanding of the pharmacy/heathcare market together, they might pull out of the hole they put themself's in..
    But then again, MOST of the currect CEO's in this sector are avoiding the SG&A issues.

    Wal-mart/CVS/Walgreens.. might look at the patient files but never pay the price you are dreaming about IMHO, Unless the CEO is a putz.

    The "New" heathcare reform act will be a wake up call to these Board of Directors beauty sleep.

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    • Sounds like the best move since the Sears, Kmart merger (which proved that two wrongs don't make a right).

      I really don't think the Walmart board is that dumb.

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      • The Sears,Kmart merger ...Wow, that is one brand that my wife or I did not understand, she shopped at both stores
        down here.

        Retail is very competitive and more so is heathcare and medical services with the decline in reinbusement revenues. In this sector
        M&A does not get you new business or generate new growth for profits easily.

        The growth drivers are comming from inovation and retention of quality with the focus on cost outcome for the patient, payer, and medical infastructure of the community.

        PBM's, Mailorder, Generic's, play a part, but when you are ill you want a Team working together to get you throught the problem, Should the unexpected crisis/problem be life threating.

        Walmart started out as a dollar type store and understands the revenues involved in this market Wal-marts board is not holding on to its past history in this sector and may make the mistake
        of Sears Kmart, Should a new CEO take controll.
        Paying $4.25 in a buy-out with the debt.
        I agree, I dont think they are that dumb.