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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Mar 26, 2010 6:34 PM Flag

    Derailment of the Gravy Train

    You forgot to add the Private insurance carriers also.. This cost reduction pathway has been on the wall for over 10 years..
    This is where both Exec's at Walmark and CVS fell short of reading the signs and how/where Express scripts entered into the picture.
    Reimbursment rates for Rx's are going to come down, that I would bet on, the Question going forward is how do you impact the cost of treating a disease.
    A MD friend called it "Name that tune" and the less beats.... the lower the costs.

    Drugs are commodities,but the cost structure of treating a disease can be impacted by the team treating the patent and the data matrix they use by Managing patient care.

    Caremark had a leg up on this platfoam,
    CVS and Walgreens still have no Clue execpt what a patient is worth or what drug interactions can occur.

    Exprees Scripts made its plan early and got into the major hospitals and collected data as to disease management and cost controll.

    Ex. Scripts short fall is they don't have Community based pharmacy's, A big plus on MD. order changes, as well as direct communication with the patient.

    Should any of these Pharmacy company's in this sector, seek out the right employee's they may see profitability come back.
    As for the store based Clinic's what a lame idear.. by people who never had any experience in the heathcare market.


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    • I disagree on the assessment of the store based clinics. I've seen a lot of things you could probably diagnose yourself (for example, ear infections). These always seem to occur on weekends when the doctor isn't open. Having a clinic at the store with a nurse practitioner seems like a great idea. This may actually be a new trend in medicine that lowers costs.

      My investment blog for those interested:

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      • Golee Gee. A solution to Access/Heathcare cost issues, a single nurse in a Pharmacy writing out scripts on sunday.

        We can also increase access and reduce costs by eliminating the Health Care Department and there clinics, who needs the silly information they collect anyway.
        And small private clinics without the medical structure behind them are less expensive, Right!

        "Treating" a medical issue, "ear infection",
        may not be isolated to only your child, but may be a larger problem within the community you live in.

        But we would never Know!! would we.