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  • wagisgoodwagisgreat wagisgoodwagisgreat Jun 24, 2010 7:46 AM Flag

    My Shopping Experience Yesterday

    Early in the day, I stopped by a Walmart to pick up a flash memory card for a camera. I went to the photo department, where two workers were huddled, chit-chatting. Mind you, it wasn't busy at this Walmart at 12:30pm. Since their memory cards are locked in the aisle, I asked the two workers if I could get some help unlocking the card. One worker looked at me, and started walking. I thought he was going to help me, but he just walked away! The other worker, said nothing, and we stared at each other. Incredibly, she made a phone call while I waited there! After I waited for her conversation to be over, she took her keys, looked annoyed, and got me the flash memory card. I completed my transaction there and left the store.

    Later in the day, about 6:00pm, I stopped by a Walgreens to get passport photos for my two children. The service was prompt, the worker was skilled, and even edited the photo to account for light variations and head-to-photo passport photo size requirements. The worker even took the time to determine which one of the two photos she took looked best, knowing that my teenaged daughter would be concerned about how her picture turned out. I received perfect passport photos, and look formward to a wonderful vacation.

    The two experiences could not have been more different. The kicker was that Walgreens also sells flash memory cards, and the price was lower! I could have saved myself a trip had I known, but instictively, I shlepped to Walmart, thinking I would save a few bucks. Boy, was I wrong! Next time I will use Walgreens exclusively.

    Thank you Walgreens.

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