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  • cmxgen cmxgen Jun 25, 2010 3:34 PM Flag

    My Shopping Experience Yesterday

    Yeah Brand SD card versus generic. I tried comparing brand to brand or generic to generic.
    WAG just cant compete with cost minded consumers.
    Target is making head way into this as well. My question has always been will consumers sacrifice the convenience for price, WMT and TGT have shown that they will. WMT and TGT are adding grocery, I can get a gallon of milk for 1.99, 2.09 everyday price at TGT. If my copay is the same anywhere, why not just get it from TGT? Unless you have an affliction or passion to be at WAG for your far as generic quality, WMT gets generics from India as does Walgreens. I bet WMT does a better job in sourcing as they do with everything else. WAG is just a wounded animal, they lost the war with CVS, as someone said, they brought a knife to a gun fight. They lose market share in the RX side, front store may help them, but its not their bread and butter.

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    • Is there a difference with SD cards? My experience says "no".

      I think Wagisgood makes a good point and, correct me if I am wrong, Wagisgood... are you saying that the money you saved at WMT wasn't worth the time and effort? You're just finding this out NOW??!!

      Yes, I go to Walmart, too. But only as a last resort.

      CMX, I agree with you that WAG does not compete on price, but in this case, it seems they beat WMT. It happens rarely, but it happens. Last month, didn't AMZN discount a toy really deeply to beat WMT?

      That said, I don't think WAG is positioning on price, I think they are positioning on convenience. Based on your post, it would seem 7-11 is dooomed and have been for years. Why then, do they continue to sell milk for 4 bucks a gallon and beer and cigs much higher than grocery stores? Convenience, my man....

      As far as WAG pharmacists go, I do feel they are the best around, and that's why their the leader in the sector.