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  • Kanuk_PQ Kanuk_PQ Aug 6, 2010 12:24 PM Flag

    Morning Bagholders.. Cramer is saying $25 ON WAG

    like I previously said
    going to $19.

    Thanks to my supporters.

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    • Walgreens stock is poised to split.

      And with all these new stores opening, WAG is almost single-handedly trying to hire enough people to drag the U.S. out of the recession.

      Hurray, Walgreens.

    • Someone asked for an updated list of the current IDs that Yank seeks to post to continue his campaign of ignorance against the Walgreen company! Here it is and as proof of authenticity I would check to see how many of the following IDs are constantly posting on this message board at "similar" times to Yank and are as well-starred. I will assume that everyone is NOT brain dead and DOESN'T believe what Yank says that these IDs are ALL separate IDs and not the work of one poster(him)! Why anyone would believe anything Yank says is quite baffling. He has many more IDs(he has admitted to "hundreds") than these, but he uses them mainly for starring posts! BEWARE!


      Quite a list of ignorance!

      • 3 Replies to bozo_police
      • I am not YANK ! just a former employee who hates what the new management's policies and style have done to this once great company. I blame Alan McNally, his hire Wade Miquelon and the fools who bought into Booz Allen consultants plan for "rewiring" the company. It has clearly been a failed attempt to both change the face of the company (which DID NOT NEED to be changed)and force TakeCare down the stakeholders throat. This sectors shortcomings and challenges HAVE NEVER been discussed. The new management have changed the bonus and option structure to provide much less for the people who are dedicated to the company and at the same time doubled their own salaries (compare proxy statements yr to yr) while instead of pegging their potential additional compensation on stock price gains via stock options, have redesigned their own compensation packages to decrease the stock options and ADDED Restricted stock units. That means, if the stock price doesn't increase, and therefore their stock options are worthless, they will still receive a huge chunk of stock, at no cost other than taxes. Previously, no gain to shareholders, no gain to executives. Not so anymore under this new regime who think so highly of themselves. You are just trying to discredit the posters who have the guts and knowledge to post "unfavorable" information.

      • Ignore Bozo.. he is still mad that he Left the SEC and went to work for Bernie Maddoff and is now looking for a job..

        The Police in his Surname stands for
        "P.O. Lice" and we know how to get rid of lice, I'm not sure if Walgreens still carries this product after their CCR reduction.