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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Jun 26, 2010 12:53 PM Flag

    Fridays Sales Imbalance;

    Anyone have any projections on Upward or downward movement for Monday.

    Seems that Market Volatility and risk should be rewarded, are we in a trend that can be charted, Analyzed or has the Volatility ended??

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    • I C: just the opposite on Mondays close,but a dead cat bounce is possible.

      "I dislike the home infusion biz and I think in-store clinics are ridiculous".
      Like I said there is a steep learning curve in both of these business.
      However some these business exec. evolved into PBM's.
      Evolution and Darwin's theory.
      The next generation will emerge with more risk/reward going forward.
      Going back to RAD, The new CEO is all about volume and low margins, a good play if you are selling lemons or lettuce.
      I think RAD CEO needs to be tested and so far No big money interest.
      He may be Linked-in to the investor community but the Medical community is a social structure and that is where his short falling may be in play.

      Good luck in your investing.

    • Everyone can have a projection.
      Dont look at the technicals. Goldman can say buy and they are selling. You should look at what your due diligence tells you.

      What company or market are you specifically referring too.

      As far as stocks go watch SXCI. I want to buy a little lower, if I can sell some 70 puts for July, I will do so but I want the stock to come down a little bit. I wont play August just yet (earnings).

      Dont buy OIL, Finance, tech will go with the market, look at selling puts further out, good plays for AMZN and AAPL...

      What is your objection. good luck with whatever you do.

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      • Cmxgen:O

        The Analysts seem to be coming in with more direction to where this market sector is heading.
        I have seen more negative than positive
        outlooks on earning going into next year.
        However increases in Prescription sales continue to rise, going forward with that outlook there has to be a bottoming out of price declines and a
        place for Convenient Community Drug stores in this sector.
        Long term buys vs Short term buys
        I will look into that..