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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Jun 28, 2010 9:46 PM Flag

    SXCI vs. WAG. vs CVS

    Hey CMX you are creative in your thinking.
    How about adding a character or 2 into the play that wagcuster started, with direction to the financial "mystery' within the Healthcare industry.

    I want to put the CEO's of These an other companies into the play...

    Yes... No...

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    • A x Caremark employee, what region did he get his start in..
      I see he may have some background in developing business relations no mention of Baxer where the real innovation was..

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      • Help me understand what your thing?

        SXCI has a bunch of x Caremark guys? Note CEO. Very sharp guy.

        I wasnt around for Baxter days but I hear after Baxter it wasnt pretty.

        Really until a few guys took caremark to another level, and then eventually its all about greed.

        CVS is definitely doing something with Caremark. I am sure MHS and ESRX do not like it, as they have trashed the PBM industry in order to get some contracts, note zero sum contracts.

        WAG is still a sitting duck. They will lose marketshare, really the only bullet in their gun is cost cutting. In chicago the CVS stores that were once low volume have more traffic. This is coming directly from WAG, especially in Chicago.

        I think for anyone to understand the future of this business you have to understand the costs/profit for a prescription. There are multiple pieces.
        Employer to PBM, PBM to retail or Employer to PBM, and PBM in house mail.
        Yes thats simplified but now look at the most utilized drugs and this gives you a good picture of where the money is.