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  • stktrader22 stktrader22 Jul 14, 2010 7:44 PM Flag

    Layoffs/ Firings started this week

    What does that tell ya??

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    • Again, I think this is another example of straying from one element of their core strategy of "customer service", they are not focusing on filling customer "needs" or even wants or building relationships with customers for that matter but rather on short-term profit objectives. The attitudes of the employees will be reflected in the interrelationships with the customers, it isn't "suggestive selling" that's the problem it's the focus of what they are to suggest and, the stick.

    • The major problem however with SS at Walgreens is that there are only a certain number of "items of the month" that usually has nothing to do with a "value-added" sale. Cashiers are only judged by if they SS those items and nothing else.

    • Like I said, "if done properly" which means suggesting value-added complementary products the customer may not have realized they may "need". Just my opinion based on the current obesity levels in America but suggesting a Twinkie or a Snickers Bar is not exactly in the "customers" best interest, but suggesting an after sun moisturizing cream to go with the SPF 5 sun tanning lotion the customer bought might be. Sales and customer service staff need to be trained on what is value-added based on the customers purchases or profile not just be expected to randomly suggest whatever happens to be closest to them at the time.

    • I think he get's it (i.e. "'suggestive' selling is a good thing if done properly with the customer’s interest in mind as well as thecompany’s").
      Everyone knows (or should know)"would you like a Reeses with your RX" is not with the customers' interest in mind. SS works better in businesses that has sells a limited line of items. It makes sense to offer dessert after a meal. It makes sense to offer to sell a tie with a shirt. It doesn't make sense to try and sell a candy bar that's been out in the market for decades to a woman who came in just for Midol. If Walgreens really wants to promote the SS then I suggest they concentrate on using mainly new items or "flavors". Our best SS months come with those kind of items. We can actually get our employees excited about selling these new items or "flavors".

    • Oh yeah, next month SS items are Take 5 and Heath candy bars. Heath has been around even before WWII

    • Correct. Failure to sell is no offense but failure to ask is. I don't mind SS at all if they would let us promote stuff that customers would actually be interested in. For SS to be a success Walgreens needs to promote month after month NEW items. This month SS was Reeses candy bars which have been around for decades. The only thing that really sold was the dark version.

    • Manager can indeed fire you after 3 warnings, however failure to sell a promo item is not an offense.

      Suggestive selling has been part of retail for a hundred years.

      Want "fries with that?"

    • Lean management..more profit.

    • LOL, hiring freeze is being lifted here!

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      • It's all about the squeaky wheel getting the grease...that's probably why they lifted the hiring freeze wherever you are. And while the district I'm in hasn't specifically fired anybody, we've been getting hours cut for months. Part of it, I've been told, is because many districts IGNORED previous budget cuts for staffing hours in the front and pharmacy. If it wasn't for that, apparently, things wouldn't be as bad as they are now. (though I'm sure they wouldn't be great....)

        As for the increase in the stock dividend, I'm not sure how I feel about that when my 600 rx/day pharmacy has been cut nearly 80 hours this year. Sure you want people to buy the stock and invest their money as well as keep other investors in. But this will surely 'cause some backlash within the company's employee base.

    • LOL
      HEY THAT was suppose to be kept confidential by the store manager.

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