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  • unoprvtr unoprvtr Jul 24, 2010 2:04 PM Flag

    Open Q & A for Greg Wasson

    "The dividend is increasing because the company is more profitable."

    LOL...oh yeah that's why they keep hacking hours away from workers in the stores. that's why some stores have ZERO pharmacy tech hours. because the company is sooooo profitable. the dividend increased as a knee-jerk reaction to the stock price dropping like a rock in the wake of the cvs-caremark debacle.

    "Your statement about service assumes it has decreased. I would say that the service has never been better. Text messages when Rx are ready is a good example of service measures in place today that were not just a few years ago."

    yes, text messages are a wonderful replacement for actual human beings not stretched beyond their limits... i hope none of us has a family member harmed by the current Rx staffing levels forced by walgreens corporate.