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  • stktrader22 stktrader22 Jul 19, 2010 9:57 PM Flag

    Open Q & A for Greg Wasson

    Here is a better question how has POWER affected the companies bottom line? Also why is management not promoting POWER and you never hear about it now? How many customers as in scripts on a whole were lost now in these two states now that POWER is fully instituted in Florida and Arizone?? Does anyone else find it incredibly weird that with all the layoffs and cost cutting...that making earnings was not a huge problem even during the beginning of the recession until POWER was instituted.?? HMMM

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    • Seriously, that is a legitimate question. Let's use this topic as a serious forum to ask questions such as this. Investors want to know. The analysts have asked, but always get a spin story. The numbers are available, but not to the public. So, folks, please list your questions and keep listing them. Keep this topic in top priority. Force the public to not lose focus of the underlying unanswered questions that have been asked and never answered.