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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Jul 21, 2010 3:45 PM Flag

    Conference Call "Amnesia!"


    The SG&A growth was due to the cost of a Federal pickle regulation, you see the feds want to be able to track pickles from there point of production to whole-sale storage and handling to the store self and finally to the purchaser.
    All pickels will need documentation under the new regulations, with a increased cost from a indirect spend point of view.
    As seen by WHI/WHS compliance and outcomes department, a upward trend in Rx non Compliance, lower reimbursement and increase SG&A costs are trending-up with the increasing pickel purchases.
    As was uncovered in Freakanomic's, a direct correlation to a outcome sometimes is misinterpreted by reactionary events, naming negotiation style as one example.
    This downward trend of lower profits on generic medications and increased SG&A growth has nothing to due with a corporations directional activity, it is directly caused by increased pickel sales and compliance mandates.
    The Chinese importers sales mantra is
    "A Pickel a Day will keep the Doctor away".
    As to reducing overall Healthcare spend and improving outcome costs this mantra has shaped is shaping the directional activity of decision makers so they can achieve announced goals.

    I hope this candy brings clarity to your questions