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  • taiguy232 taiguy232 Jul 30, 2010 12:53 PM Flag

    Flu Shots

    Immunizations start in 1 month. Should be at least double the volume of last year. $30 per shot, 25-30 shots daily per store (my estimation only), 7500 stores ... do the math. Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec should be big SSS months. This year it's no longer just 10am to 4pm, which was already more convenient than any other competitor. This years it's all open hours ... wow! Competitors are STILL only offering limited clinic days at only select locations and during limited hours. Seniors and the busy public just love standing in line for hours to save a couple bucks. Maybe next year they'll get it right by, again, following Walgreen's example. I wonder how will serve the public during this flu season ... oh I forgot, got out of the Rx business. Their new PR slogan: ", but NO DRUGS!" LOL!

    Remember, each flu shot adds to revenue, earnings (very profitable service), Rx count, front end sales, and public good will and loyalty. Time to back up the truck?

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