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  • emp_wag emp_wag Aug 4, 2010 2:18 PM Flag

    Flu Shot Gift Cards - Good idea or bad idea?

    When Wal-Mart announced their 4 dollar generic list several years ago, Walgreens responded that it would not effect their stores since 95% of their customers have insurance. So why the push to sell flu shot gift cards when the target population of these gift cards theoretically would be cash paying customers? Customers with insurance would have no need to buy this card since their insurance would be paying for the shot. With the card being non refundable, who would buy one? I think we could have spent our money more wisely on other marketing strategies especially since most stores have not sold any.

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    • tomorrowleadsmyway tomorrowleadsmyway Aug 9, 2010 11:47 AM Flag

      Bad idea. Then they'll blame us EXAs when we don't go out on the town and sell these to all the local businesses and organizations.

      We're now cold call salesmen with a customer base being local businesses who are already cutting it close on profits. Iceberg's chance in hell of selling a $30 card to each underpaid employee there.

    • Medicare and Medicaid cover the flu shot, so BM doesn't have to worry. Although knowing how dumb he is (e.g. sold wag to get into dscm), he'll probably buy a gift card and try to redeem it at Rite Aid. Then he'll try to send in for some phantom flu rebate. Really, that's how dumb he is.

      Some insurances will pay at the pharmacy, some only pay at MD's office.

      Customers pretty much know by now whether they have to pay out of pocket at the pharmacy.

      My store has sold plenty of gift cards.

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      • Your store can sell all the flu cards it wants. If nobody uses them because swine flu hysteria peters out, Walgreens can't even recognize the revenue they create.

        Talk about "dead money"... yet, again. that is a concept that Walgreens investors clearly, and sadly, understand, only too well!

        But keep drinking the KoolAid and waiting for the Hale/Bopp comet to take you away. Eventually, if you wait long enough, you will get your wish. You will get taken... for ALL our money.