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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Aug 18, 2010 1:32 PM Flag

    SG&A cuts

    Reported today:
    Another 300 Walgreen jobs, including the 150 in Deerfield, will be affected by the move. The remaining 150 jobs are scattered among Walgreen accounting offices nationwide, a Walgreen spokeswoman said.

    I expect Walgreens pharmacist's will gives them a Flu Shot before they go..

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    • birdpal4 Aug 18, 2010 10:31 PM Flag

      and just think poster bemyapril
      is doing handstands and cartwheels and kissing wassons and mcnally cutout posters
      over this news caues this is what she says she likes

    • Waiting till they don't sell all 15 million flu shots and start cutting pharmacists guessing round april. just a guess but would not be surprised.

      • 2 Replies to beman2222
      • Cut the core driver of Revenue, you realy don't understand Medical services.
        1) You should think about investing in a non-professional controlled industry, may-be oil,mining,manufacturing, ect. I am sure you could do very well with your idears on where to cut spend.
        2)Accountants are not as useful as you think.. they are can not dispense DRUGS.
        3)Convenience has been over played on Walgreens PR part, John Hopkins Hospital Is NOT convenient, yet It is one of a few leading US Hospital chosen by Foriegn leaders of the "WORLD" for Medical treatment.
        4)Would you care how many executives your Doctor, who is about to preform Open Heart Surgery on you has to answer to..No, I think you would want to know he/she is trained well in the procedure.
        5)Being trained in Medicine and Business has a value which from the numerious missteps on Walgreens managers part has put them in a weak position with Healthcare reform and patient care management.IMHP
        6)You can be a medical care provider with addition revenue sources or you can be a mini- mart, I will not be going to my medical care provider anytime soon for fresh vegtibles

      • The Feds are nearing the point of throwing out 40 million doses of last years vaccine. The media-driven flu excess of 2009 will NOT be repeated in 2010. Many factors contribute, but tops among them is the presence of new, U.S.-based rapid vaccine production which Obama funded to avoid future emergencies only fillable from off-shore pharma's.

        Game over. The Golden (Flu) Fleece has expired as a marketing gimmick.



    • Correction:

      I expect Walgreens Pharmacist's will enjoy giving them a fair-well Flu Shot.