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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Aug 30, 2010 5:31 PM Flag

    Definition of a Stocks Value:

    "It is the reflection of the current value of the company as expressed by the shareholders and potential shareholders"..Sorry Irun, I can not let you get away with that to readers of this or any other Investment board.
    There is something called Financial reports that you left out.
    Enron professed your stated view to Investors also.

    The only statement you made that I agree with was Walgreen's role in Leadership of flu immunizations, which I gave them due credit and supported as a good business decision until today announcement from CVS.
    "Spend $30. and get what..CNBC reports Free flu shots.>>>

    Taking the wind out of Walgreen's sails with a respected partner, Sadly Walgreen's bloated management didn't think of promoting this idea to J&J.
    Hubris is a bad thing !!

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    • Are we done trading definitions of stock values yet? Alrighty then - how about the flu shot promotion business you brought up. What I really want to know is what lame brain came up with that ridiculously stupid gift card idea for a SHOT!!
      Was this imbecilic idea hatched by the Take Care business themselves or did they have help? Heads should roll in reaction to the clearly superior tactic announced by CVS.

      Dear Mr. Wasson, while I am still a BUY on your overall business strategy, these type of tactical missteps are concerning and will be the undoing of your larger goals. Suggestions: New EVP of Advertising and Promotions. New EVP of Take Care (current employees need not apply). Please address immediately.

      Sincerely, April

    • I think you need to take an accounting class.

      I suggest you look up "Shareholder equity" and how it relates to the balance sheet.

      When you have done your homework, we can talk.

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