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  • big.yank big.yank Sep 1, 2010 5:31 PM Flag

    Graymark... An acquisition made in WAG heaven!

    "Graymark hopes to make $35 Million on the deal..."

    What patsy does acquisitions at Walgreens? Paying $35 million for an 18 store, local chain that is losing money and is hemorrhaged in costs is just plain RIDICULOUS.

    Who did this deal? Ivan?



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    • Hey, dudes, its just like buying Duane Reade. Do the deal. At any cost. The stupid shareholders won't figure it out for several quarters while the exec's get extreme compensation. Then they get a package, retire as multi-millionaires, and leave shareholders with the bill for ZERO accomplishments.

      One thing about Walgreens, though.

      You have to admire them for their consistency.

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      • I think this is a GREAT purchase buying some extremely strong independent pharmacies and will solidify Walgreens dominance in the areas that the new acquisitions are located. It is just another brilliant move by Wasson and other senior management geniuses who are ALREADY multi-millionaires and who are building Wag dominance for the immediate future. I hate to say it but tai.guy222 is an idiot who doesn't really know anything about stocks in general and Walgreens specifically! I know that I just typed what tai.guy said, but I go in an out of lucidity. I am in now and was out when I typed under the tai.guy222 ID! Sorry! TRIPLE BUY!

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