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  • southbuckeye southbuckeye Sep 3, 2010 11:01 AM Flag


    Wall street expects quarterly earnings of 44 cents for WAG when announced at the end of this month. However last years comparitive quarter was 44 cents. Assuming that the earnings do come in unchanged from the year ago quarter, will no growth at all in quarterly earnings push WAG lower, or has this already been figured in to the already depressed price of WAG. Thoughts?

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    • My thought is when stock hits $24.00 Wasson will be out and Kevin Walgreens in.

    • Good question. My guess is that $.44 or flat to expectations = zero S/P movement, either up or down... unless forward guidance is changed.

      Look at today's miss on August SSS, a very minor variance and yet WAG still made their quarterly sales expectation. So the S/P isn't getting very affected despite the miss.

      Where the issue will arise, since WAG did make their expected sales for the quarter and year is if they still miss on earnings. What that will signal is a missfiring biz plan. The amount of hit or spike will be proportional to how big the variance is, if there is one.

      Regular readers of this board already know my predictions for Sept. 28th.