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  • big.yank big.yank Sep 22, 2010 2:48 PM Flag

    I got my FLU SHOT at Walgreens

    And I quote "runs"... "Actually,I heard reports that more flu shots than ever are being administered at Walgreens. I asked my local pharmacist who reported performing over 40 on the AM shift, alone."

    Nice, there, "runs". Would that pharmacist, by any chance, be your wife who is feeding you inside info so you can play in the stock market? And, by the way, how many flu shots did your "pharmacist" administer at this time, last year? 40? More than 40? A lot more than 40?

    And how do you know about the paperwork process? Oh, yeah, I forgot. You have inside access.

    As for why there is no waiting at Walgreens... do you think that is because WAG is better... or do you think it is because fewer people are getting flu shots AND many others like RAD, Walmart and CVS are giving them, too, at $5 lower prices? Some are giving a $100 coupon discount book with each flu shot.

    You just suffered an enormous beatdown. And we are also still waiting for your answer on WAG pricing on Aricept vs. CVS, RAD, WMT and Canadian pharmacies.

    "Tick, tick, tick..."


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    • Errrrr......wrong again, Hans. I keep telling you, but you won't listen.

      OK, I'lll explain. When I got my flu shot, I sat down with who? The pharmacist. My local pharmacist. "How's it going?" I asked.

      "So busy! You're about my 40th customer today."

      "Really, wow."

      "It's OK though 'cause we have this new paperwork system that makes it easier and faster."

      "Yes, I see I didn't have to fill out hardly any of the paperwork. All the simple stuff was pre-populated."

      "All done."

      "Wow, that was quick. And didn't even feel it. Thanks!"

      Maybe Yank, if you listen when you blabber, you'd get "inside information" as well!