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  • big.yank big.yank Sep 22, 2010 11:27 AM Flag

    Dividend KoolAid for Waggies

    Wag's dividend yield has gone from 1% over the past 5 years to a forward estimate of 2.4%. That's a huge forward COST that has yet to produce any forward dynamic on S/P. We are talking about 70 cents on nearly 1 billion shares in real mathematics.

    The unbroken string of dividend increases makes for good PR were it not for the fact that the cost of these burgeoning dividends was not derived by growth in profits. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not good math for the forward view of Walgreens stock. It is yet another sorry example of living in the past with a broken business plan and no impetus to fix it.

    After 9/28, look for another new WAG CEO. Sure hope it is someone with a last name that begins with W... and that excludes anyone named Wasson.



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    • Only way for fat cats at the very top is to move the stock. They have tried every way possible mostly through pie in the sky ideas like POWER which exploits the workers and puts the workers in a bad situation (between a thankless boss and angry customers/with less help to complete tasks), and flat out taking as many benefits from the worker as possible. Would love to see WAGS with some employee friendly ideas that promote the company. Worst moral ever in company right now.

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      • Everytime I hear an employee whining about moral I want to vomit in my mouth.

        Here's an idea for ya - do outstanding work, EARN a bonus or promotion and improve your own moral! In case you still don't get it, the operative word here is EARN.

        "Employee friendly ideas"?? I heard they were giving away DR cookies in the break room. That sounds pretty friendly to me. What else do you want??

        Geeeeeez. Some peoples nerve.

    • A new Wag CEO that begins with a W -
      riiiiiiiiight.... and HEY! They could bring back Jorndt too and have Co-CEO's from a century past! Now there's a SHORT!

    • WAG shareholders got a 22% raise last year. If you have a significant position, then you got a significant raise.

      See, you're stuck in the $7.75 an hour mentality.... for someone making $7.75 an hour, a 22% raise amounts to 1.70, or roughly 68 bucks a week... big deal....

      For the group that holds 10,000 - 100,000 shares, a 22% bump is significant. See, .70 * 100,000 shares = 70,000. See why this group doesn't have to work? But for you, say, 10 shares * .70 = 7 bucks... have a nice day!

    • Just a brief follow-up...

      Five years ago WAG's S/P was around $41, considering dividends in the mix, hence (adjusted S/P).

      The increase of some $1/2 Billion in dividends has netted what benefit for shareholders? An $11 lower S/P?

      And these guys want to keep this strategy alive by continuing the pattern?