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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 12, 2010 1:41 PM Flag

    Abracadabra:Walmart and Humana

    Humana and Walmart Announce Innovative Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan with Lowest National Monthly Premium Offered in all 50 States and D.C. .

    While the Master of the Universe engineered the pulling of a rabbit out of it's hat and passed executive promotions out, Walmart captured a prize contract with Humana.

    'Erratic" earnings for the 4'th Quarter swept Wall Street analysts and me into the cold water .

    Congratulations to the call buyers before earnings were reported.

    I understand their is a real MD outside director who came onboard to stablize the erratic headwinds and tailwinds in direction.
    Good luck in your new job.

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    • But Yank, simply selling enough potions to cure Ivan from Poland from his delusions should lift WAG's earnings by 100%. Thats IF he can locate his nearest Walgreens. Upon further reflection, I'm not sure that he can, so maybey WAG won't get that big earnings bounce afterall. And by the way, if you get a flu shot and you don't catch the flu, how is Walgreens going to sell you all their medicines to alleviate the flu? Flu shot and no medicines or no flu shot and medicine selling. Looks like a push to me.

    • Flattening Walgreens with lower cost per month, co-pays as low as $2 in grabbing ginormous share of the Medicare market segment. You know... that same segment that is expected to mushroom as baby boomers retire.

      But even better news lies just ahead when Walgreens admits failure in its struggling PBM and jettisons it to a rival. Imagine a cleanly pharmacy landscape where Walgreens has no PBM directing clients to its stores while competitors drive seniors to Walmart, other chains and mailorder.

      But never fear, maybe flu shots will rise up and save the day. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha. Flu shots. What a hoot!



    • All over network TV, this morning. Multiple airings on most networks during morning news time.

      This is going to be BIG. Just like I like it.



    • You would have to be a fool to go to walmart and Yank fits the bill!

    • Parade members are big.yank, wagclusterfluck, agnes.gavemecrabs, robbsbeach, kirstiesphatpharm, dbl_dbl_agnt, yank_the_idiot, southbuckeye, cmxgen, tai.guy222 and little lapdog ivan_starmypost running behind yapping at their heels! What a total waste of time for someone who doesn't even OWN WALGREEN STOCK! I own Walgreen stock and belong here to humiliate and laugh at Yank! Yank doesn't belong!


    • What was your beloved DSCM selling for 4 years ago?


      Then of course there is your now immortalized post on the CVS board of “just bought 4000 shares at $37.50…watch and learn”….The stock kept heading south after that…..ROFLMAO……..

      You have worked very hard for your title of board buffoon…..keep up the good work…’s like watching pinheads on parade…..LMAO

    • "... 4 years of wasted pixels..."

      Four years ago WAG stock sat at $44.78.

      Any further questions?


      You just keep digging yourself into a deeper hole, there, pilgrim!



    • Too bad he didn't put that effort into getting a job or losing weight or becoming a member of the human race!


    • The most stores + the most 24 hour stores + top flight pharmacists= CONTINUED EXPANSION OF WALGREEN'S PORTION OF THE PRESCRIPTION PIE!!!!!!!!!!!

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