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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 13, 2010 1:40 AM Flag

    Big Suprises Likely To Come

    The BIG surprise is that you don't have a understanding about the Pharmacy business, medical services or income statements.

    I am happy for you, that u are seeing a increase in this short term business, the question you should ask yourself, is what long term maintenance medication growth you are seeing..
    and what NEW PAYOR contracts your company is winning ..

    Good luck with your Flu Shots..

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    • If you read my statement, I simply said that WAG is likely to beat expectations this quarter compared to last year. I did not say WAG is the bomb and will outperform the industry or the market. And to answer you, yes, Walgreens did have a new payor for flu shots this year, couple of private insurance, and state medicaid which was absent last year. Also, last year, I don't remember Walgreens offering any pneumovax and it is also now covered by medicare. I'm simply saying they are offering much more shots and a variety of them and the profit margins are big, likely to boost revenues coming this quarter compared to last. Chill.