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  • super_hawk08 super_hawk08 Nov 26, 2010 11:53 AM Flag

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

    As we celebrate Thanksgiving this holiday weekend we should not forget to pay homage to all of the brave men and women who sacrificed their time and energy for this great country and to those who unfortunately made the ULTIMATE sacrifice. We should also remember to give thanks for being able to live and prosper in such a great country as America, which was built on the efforts of brave, hardworking and smart individuals, NOT cowardly lazy weasels like the lame poster known as Yank, who stand with their hands out at the public trough looking for freebies and contributing only a foul odor to the world around them! We should also be thankful we work for a great company like Walgreens that was built by the efforts of hardworking intelligent men and women and NOT lazy, complaining incompetents like the previously mentioned and fired weasel, who says he believes in shady companies like CVS and money-losers like DSCM or uncaring and immoral ones like evil WalMart!


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    • Super_hawk08,

      Thanks for a GREAT POST! It is nice to hear from a TRUE PATRIOT who obviously has NAILED Yank 100%. You can tell it was spot on due to all of Yank's one-starring and his weak copycat replies which show he is about as creative as the big bucket of horse-bleep that is Yank!


    • As we celebrate Thanksgiving this holiday weekend we should not forget to remember the thousands of Walgreens misfill victims who were unable to eat turkey dinner with their families because they died after WAG pharmacists placed the wrong medication in their prescription bottles.

      This phenomenon was fully documented by "USA Today" in an esteemed, multi-part series which recognized Walgreens for gold-standard leadership in this important category of misfill deaths.

      Hurray for Walgreens.

      #1, again!

      Yes, Virginia... "There's a way..."

    • As we celebrate this great day, we should not forget to recognize all the posters on this board that fail to grasp the concept of investing. You know, idiots like IVAN that cannot comprehend the imperitive of operating in the black, or in WAG parlance, making "more" income on $8 billion in added revenues than they made two years ago on $8 billion less in revenues.

      We should not forget to pay homage to all the brave men and women who bought WAG stock in the last decade, deluded by the insane and relentless postings of ivan and his numerous alter-ego's on this Yahoo Message Board. Their losses were surely influenced by ivan's lies, starring and relentless PUMPING of Walgreens sickly stock, despite the obvious relevence of dumping the WAG piggie and buying almost anything else.

      Lastly, may we all remember that it is our patriotic duty to continue fighting the good fight, standing up for the honor and logic of wise investing and exposing Walgreens pathetically stupid business plan. Always respect the fact that there is good "Black"... such as Walmart profits, black gold and Johnny Walker Black... and there is bad "black"... such as Walgreens black heart, black widows and black plague on investor's portfolio's.

      In fact, it appears the only thing relevent at Walgreens on Black Friday may be one of those ridiculous doorbusters that nobody wants... a DVD of "Men in Black" starring Kermit the Fog.


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      • Good post RUTHE262. I asked my postman about Wasilla, Alabama, (where you hail from). He said Wasilla disapearred about two years into the civil war, but he believed the one escapee from the Alabama town kept moving northwest and settled into the Alaska territory. Believed he changed his name from Rufus to Ruth, changed his appearance totally, and got a job in Alaska as a bear wrangler. Wondering if you are a descendant and living in Alaska and pretending to be (from no longer in existence Wasilla Alabama) to throw creditors off your trail. Well, good post anyway. Any Walgreens up in your area? If not, they'll be building one soon.