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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Nov 29, 2010 8:56 PM Flag

    UnitedHealth Care profits to slip in 2011:

    Must be Walmarts fault also, as One soon to be discredited poster believes.

    Some posters on this board spend their time pumping a stock's price without any meaningful information..

    Now the rest of us who try to be informed look for meaningful information for profit guidance in the companies we invest in, we look beyond the Flash Headline,
    And provide market news that may be of value to the main street investor.

    The reason for lower guidance(Humana, UnitedHealth Care) is that the CMS(center for Medicare and Medicaid services)
    is requiring Health Insurance Companies to spend 80% of
    USA Government revenue to be spent on providing Medical services, and not Country Club Memberships, Corporate Jets or Public Relations events in Las Vegas, as is the current policy.

    As for Walgreens recent announcement with Dr Pegus this is of value. that most pumpers don't understand and don't comment on.
    This is a start for the future of controlling costs, but as Ross Perot said, "The Devil in in the details".