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  • big.yank big.yank Feb 2, 2011 10:51 AM Flag


    On December 23rd paduski insulted Citibank analyst Deborah Weinswig, called her "dumpy" and "stupid." So I guess that ivan believes her WAG upgrade, today, is discredited, too.

    Weinswig, incidentally, cited forward, unannounced improvements in her justification for a $43 share price target. That's about a buck over yesterday's closing price.

    So much for $65/share. Unless you are talking about Walmart share price!



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    • "Citi Investment Research analyst Deborah L Weinswig upgraded shares of Walgreen to "Hold" from "Sell" and boosted her target price on the shares to $43 from $33, citing sales trends in January and a pipeline of new initiatives that are expected to continue to drive growth. She also cited recent meetings with management."

      How are you going to "hold" the Wag stock if you haven't BOUGHT yet? If you have Walgreen stock to "hold" then you must have disregarded her advice in the first place which makes sense, but how about the people who listened to her bad advice and sold or didn't buy and missed out on a HUGE INCREASE in stock price? She is still delusional but not quite as much as she was before with her recommendations. I wonder if her wine recommendations are Thunderbird, Ripple and Boone's Farm which are all low-end wines to go with her low-end advice? This would make her wine and stock recommendations on par with each other.....LOW END!