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  • jramp20032000 jramp20032000 Feb 18, 2011 1:20 AM Flag

    Just In: Consumer Hate Supermarkets, Love Walgreens

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    • I thought you only wiped the floor with Yank. This guy was served, like a hot, deep fried, french fried potatoe!

      Later tater!


    • "What did the pharmacist say?"

      I pretty much know what the phramacist said when you left....

    • It's Pope, from years ago.

      He claims to be a tax accountant and will switch his story about his Walgreens contact from a "client" to his "sister".

      He was an idiot then, and he hasn't gotten any better.

    • Perhaps you can better describe the "busy" scene you referred to?

      What you're saying in your post is that prosecuting attorneys shouldn't ever prosecute crimes because they "weren't there, the accused was. They know no facts that they can possibly have straight, yet they claim that they do" Yes. Let me explain it to you. What they do is they take they take the statement - like I did with you (your posts).... the "facts" as you wrote them - busy pharmacy, long talk with the pharmacist....and then, based on the application of common sense, which you seem to have none, determined that your "long talk" resulted in others having to wait.

      But you're right. I wasn't there. Perhaps the pharmacist determined you to be the loon you seem to be, and blew you off, half listening to you while you tried to glean anecdotal evidence (at best). It IS possible that (s)he completely ignored you, only giving you the IMPRESSION that (s)he actually cared.

      So fill in the blanks for us. Was the pharmacist attentive during your "long talk"? Or whas the pharmacist inattentive - giving you cursory answers while completing the tasks?

      By the way, try going to a business - any business - and ask the attendant if business is busy. I'd be willing to bet that over 95% of the time, the person will say it is busy. What are they going to tell you? That they are 2 days from closing due to lack of business? Get real.

    • I'm thinking that you've really got severe psychological problems. I'm starting to feel reservations about making fun of you.

      Sorry about that.

      Have a great day.

    • "Guess we now now who's right and who's REALLY "delusional". Isn't that right?"

      Did that thought come to you in the form of arf, arf, arf or was it woof, woof, woof?


    • You said I was "delusional".

      I said I had the facts straight.

      Guess we now now who's right and who's REALLY "delusional". Isn't that right?

    • OK then, prove me wrong.

      Simply block and copy the part of my post that was "delusional"

      For those just joining us, here's the part of the thread that cure time gets really quiet.

      I've been around this block enough to know when posters like you quit when you're behind.

    • "what I wrote was factual."

      Thanks for sharing it with us.

      Are you feeling better?

    • What was it, exactly, that I wrote, which was inaccurate, or, as you put it, "fantasy"?

      You said it was "busy". I wrote about what happens in a busy pharmacy.

      You said your conversation was "long". I wrote about what happens when you carry on a "long" conversation with a pharmacist. Life continues to happen around you. I wrote about that.

      Now, if it wasn't busy, maybe you should amend your post. Same thing about your "long" conversation.

      Until then, what I wrote was factual. I think you've lost this one.

      TK(of facts)HS

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