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  • big.yank big.yank Mar 9, 2011 1:49 PM Flag

    My experience at Walgreens pharmacy!

    My dog's vet prescribed an unusual medication that was surprisingly cheaper at Walgreens than at Walmart. So... I had to sign my dog up for a Prescription Savings Card in order to order his prescription from Walgreens. Okay. No problem. I don't particularly care for Walgreens as most of you know, but my pet comes first.

    So I go to the pharmacy counter to pick up his ordered medication. NOW they need to verify his identity before releasing his meds. THIS IS A DOG! So I have to go through the extreme game of providing his address and phone number, since he has no drivers license. HE'S A DOG. DUH! Does Walgreens think he will answer the phone, if they call? I told the Pharmacy Manager that it was medicine for my dog. She didn't care.

    After waiting a half hour at the counter behind 6 other customers, watching while the drive-thru girl who had NO CUSTOMERS and would rather look vacantly out the window than wait on customers suffering INTERMINABLE waits in the pharmacy queue, I finally paid for the bag with my pet's medication. Escape time!

    But, now, the real adventure was about to commence. Nearing the exit, Walgreens has erected metal bars seperating the store's entrance and exit. Turnstiles turn just one way, so you can't enter thru the exit or vice versa.

    Nearing the exit, numerous previous customers had discarded shopping carts in the register area, after completing their purchase. Why not? They didn't need a cart for a piddly few items, and the store provided no place to return them to. So there were a dozen or so carts in the aisle, blocking the exit.

    The main register... the one with the cigarettes (so noted)... had a senior in a walker. The other register... I assume the back-up/overflow register... had a heavy and heavily tatooed/pierced girl on it, waiting on a customer. When this client was done paying for his purchase, he became quite upset because all the carts blocked his exit. The Walgreens clerk became ENRAGED and began screaming at the customer that it wasn't HER fault that the carts were left there and she wasn't a housekeeper.

    This Walgreens employee then proceeded to come out from behind the register and THROW a shopping cart at the door where the previous customer had just left. An amazing display, I must note.

    What a disgraceful place to shop!

    Next time I'll just pay more at Walmart or elsewhere!



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    • When are you going to list the "90%" of my links that are "lies" or "half-truths".

      "Not a liar"?

      yeah, right.

      "not a Walgreens basher"

      yeah, right.

    • The fact that it bothers you, a known lying basher, is very interesting.

    • "dodge"?

      You didn't ask a question, Stupid.

      I did.

      And YOU dodged it.

      Stupid and dishonest, you're almost as dumb as yank. He libels Walgreens, Kermit Crawford, and Greg Wasson and then identifies himself.

    • Don't want this to get lost in the shuffle.

    • Blackmail is one of the Key issues of HIPPA, By using Private patient medical information one could cause loss of Health Insurance, Denial of Financial loans, Social outcast, I remember this because of what it did to the Hemophilia population who received blood transfusions and the social discrimination around them.

      It is a very Powerful law and both legislative houses supports it...

      Stock manipulation is a issue that the SEC has yet to Correct in regards to Social media employee's.
      But it is comming...

    • Do you think you speak for Greg Wasson or Kermit Crawford? Do you really think these executives would use your childish defecation and other scatalogical analogies to make a point to investors on a conference call or at the shareholders meeting at Navy Pier?

      You love Walgreens. Fine. You work there. There is nothing wrong with supporting your employer. But there is something over-the-top about obsessing over them, lying or insulting any naysayers because you have some employee shares and want to see them go up.

      There is also something potentially and patently illegal about attempting to mislead other, outside investors into also owning this stock. I believe the correct word might be: FRAUD.

      You need to think about your actions. There may well be consequences of a much more extreme dimension than your modest investment and the gains you would like to attain.



    • jramp/"marathon"... joke,

      No, I am not the same poster as robbsbeach. But you are the same poster as robbzbeach.

      And, no, I never posted the date on which my PSC card was activated. But you did. YOU violated Federal law in the HIPAA Act, and you are at risk of consequential action.

      Be careful what you do next.

      That's what's called a "word to the wise."


    • robbsbeach,

      I think that the far greater risk is a lawsuit for stock price manipulation by Walgreens employees, with corporate either complicitent or guilty by neglect. Look at the pattern of content on this message board:

      1. Control via volume of pumping messages posted, drowning out dissent.

      2. Posts that fabricate a false impression of WAG stock. "Zoom" on a down day for share price, comments like "flu shots are WAY up" and so forth.

      3. Starring to prevent negative poster's messages from being viewed. To wit, it took less than 5 minutes for your last post to be one-starred.

      4. Blackmail, such as threats to post private patient Rx data to quiet posters with alternative views.

      5. Huge volumes of messages proclaiming "WAG can do no wrong" alleging investment superiority against a backdrop of pretty weak S/P performance over a sustained period of time.

      You know, I have no problem with posts refuting negative comments made vs. Walgreens. For one, "wagwatcher" does this, and it is fair to state your case or recast your view of the truth. A corporation has a right to protect itself. But it does not have a right to LIE, to skew sentiment towards its stock or allow its employees to do so for them.

      If this stock takes a precipitous long walk off a short pier, I think Deerfield has a genuine problem if a class action redresses the games played by their employees on this board.

      Now stand back and wait for the crescendo of personal attacks and one-stars...



    • marathon.man262 marathon.man262 Mar 12, 2011 11:22 AM Flag

      "this poster is a danger to any company that would employ this person."

      What would YOU know about employment? You have never had any job, you just sit on your dead behind and post back and forth among your numerous IDs!

      "The poster has shown how quick/ easy it is to acquire a patients medical information at Walgreens,
      even across state lines."

      Especially when you were the one who posted all of it dumbass! It had nothing to do with Walgreens, you posted all info that is known under your "yank" ID!

      "I just takes one subpoena to Yahoo.
      Willful Violation of Federal Law,

      Since you posted all of the info it would be called a CONFESSION! LOL!

      I also hope you get all excited when you read this so you can soil even more of your Depends, which will make you will stink even worse than usual just like your posts, which incidentally is how a pervert like you should go through life! LOL!

      Now the REAL issue! Perhaps robbsbeach, the trailer court troll, will grow a brain or stop drinking heavily before posting or go to night school and learn the English language or take a course in coherent composition or stop trying to put a bunch of lame, nonsensical ideas into a blender and hit the frappe button or quit being proud of his illiteracy........just changing IDs doesn't help at all!

      Or perhaps not..

      I think it is STILL safe to go with perhaps not!


    • I agree.. this poster is a danger to any company that would employ this person.

      The poster has shown how quick/ easy it is to acquire a patients medical information at Walgreens,
      even across state lines.
      With Walgreens Class action Lawsuit(selling Patient information)just Reported, the information that was posted on Yahoo Finance could be used by the law-firm.

      I just takes one subpoena to Yahoo.
      Willful Violation of Federal Law,

      Good Luck

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