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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Mar 19, 2011 10:44 AM Flag

    Evil eye "Curse"

    Sorry, I missed speed and shopping issues in Pharmacy services.

    Wall-street will issue its report card after earnings announcement,

    A= Excellent =Buy
    B= Above the median group =Accumalate
    C= met expectation =Hold
    D= below targeted goal =SELL
    F= Enron =Meltdown

    All grades are subject to global market wind patterns and future risks..

    Have fun..

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    • Analyst's reaction to earnings will be interesting, but less shaped by reported metrics than by forward guidance and the c/c "spin". I think M-S and Citi gave Wasson a free pass on previously promised results from Duane Reade and "Rewiring".

      Where the flu reality and perception of selling off WHI for a modest sum will settle... I surely couldn't guess. The lethargic pre-release action indicates to me that funds and hedgies which are 2/3 of the float are not convinced.

      It will be interesting.

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      • I believe that the threat of mailorder will weigh heavily on any analysis of future prospects.

        Despite lies to the contrary, mailorder Rx is now approaching 20% market share.

      • Waghorse..

        A triply crown Winner on the track.

        C/C obstacles include the Hunter/Jumper Win by Humana with future guidance in PBM limiting Rx costs and access.

        I expect Jefferies to be offering free passes on Forward guidance after the Selling of Flu-shots and WHI moving into the 2012 show season.

        The 90 day filly's and their offspring due in 2012 will IMHO be the highlight of the Sale.

        The high Jump in guidance will be tested with the pony express delivery rider that has delivered impressive results.
        I see a interesting course ahead with helmets on..

        Good to hear from you,
        Hope all is well.