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  • jramp20023000 jramp20023000 Mar 23, 2011 4:06 PM Flag

    Don't Meet - You have got to BEAT!

    Yes, the would was self inflicted last quarter.

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    • Yes I know I sound like a broken record (or am I in the movie Groundhog Day?)but WHY am I such a dope with such terrible stock picks when I could have stayed with the safety of Wag? It looks like DSCM is down again today while Wag is back up to ABOUT $40! It seems like every thing I touch turns to crap! Is it me? OF COURSE IT IS! I will keep my buy recommendation on Walgreens to TRIPLE STRONG BUY from now on! jramp20032000 gives me continual beat downs and irunthe262 has also, so I will keep using my robbsbeach and cure_time_varies IDs and my phony jramp IDs that I have been using since I embarrassed myself again by betting against Wag! Life is just not fair that I should be so stupid! Next time I issue a curse it will not be in front of a mirror!