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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Mar 30, 2011 11:53 PM Flag


    Walgreens dropping NY lottery at Duane Reade Stores..

    Michael Polzin a Walgreens spokesman said Walgreens computer system can not Handel Lottery ticket sales and that they never sold Lottery tickets..

    Now, I understand Yanks complaint about receiving his rebate, A computer system that can not Handel a Sale or process a rebate.
    What else don't we Know about this E-commerce wannabee.-.
    I think some one just shot a hole in my Baloon.

    A Computer System that can not process a SALE!!

    Big.Yank did you place this article???

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    • You are right on Target into GDR.

      Also a interest of mine but I have not taken a position on this yet.
      I am therefor looking into Data tech companies that are emerging for the next generation.

      I wish we had gotten there sooner:(.

      I also am looking back at esrx/medco and what they will have to offer.

      Walgreens also needs to move off of their current Rx direction.
      I think we have discussed options before, I hope 4 these current investors the BOD have discussed these issues.
      Like I said in a deleted post, my cash position has increased with selling several holdings until a outcome is reached at the Capital.
      Healthcare company investments are still a good long term investment, but you need to be selective going forward.
      I am still learning the options market, won some lost some, and may be looking at this more in the future.

      I know you understand filling is not a future, what outcome you can achieve with a brand/generic medication is the future.

      UNH, I was surprised how behind the learning curve they are, but that is what creates capitalism.
      Keep in touch..


    • "Express Scripts represented about seven percent of Walgreens revenue, which is about the same as the company's yearly growth. If Walgreens can’t recover the revenue, the worst case is probably a year of stagnation."

    • Squeaky wonders why Walgreens doesn't sell lottery tickets.

      1 - no markup = no profit. Simple.

      2 - quick sale = no impulse buying. If you can run into a store and grab a coke and a lottery ticket, you're happy. Ever spent that little amount of time in a Walgreens? No? Neither have most people. :)
      Walgreens are designed to invite you in and get you to buy other things. That's why the coke, beer, milk, and diapers are not right up front like lottery tickets would be.

      3 - Too time consuming for employees = long lines. They don't want to make the lines worse by people waiting for lottery tickets.
      So there's a couple of reasons - no profit margin, no add-on sales, and takes away too much employee time. Walgreens is a cagey, smart, street-wise organization designed to make money... they don't need to have something like lottery tickets in the stores to draw people in, nor do they need it as a service to keep people coming back when they have convenience, drive-up pharmacies and neat, clean stores.

      Squeaky yank or robbsbeach or whatever ID out of 100 you happen to be using! Learn to speak English instead of posting nonsensical messages that are in "Moron-speak"! You are about the biggest pile of horse crap that I have ever seen posting on a message board and the quality of your posts show just how clever and witty you are, which is to say NOT AT ALL! Everyone is laughing at you and I also hope you get all excited when you read this so you can soil even more of your Depends, which will make you will stink even worse than usual just like your posts do, which incidentally is how a pervert like you should go through life!


      Now the REAL issue! Perhaps robbsbeach, the trailer court troll, will grow a brain or stop drinking heavily before posting or go to night school and learn the English language or take a course in coherent composition or stop trying to put a bunch of lame, nonsensical ideas into a blender and hit the frappe button or quit being proud of his illiteracy........

      Or perhaps not..

      I think it is STILL safe to go with perhaps not and I don't foresee it EVER changing!

      LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Tata!

    • "Handel"??!! Really?? He was a composer. I would chalk it up as a typo, but you did it TWICE.

      "Baloon"??!! Really??!! You must never have gotten any as a kid.

      Please review the importance of proofreading in the video below.