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  • big.yank big.yank Apr 1, 2011 11:10 AM Flag


    It's very quiet in Edmunton, Alberta.

    Remember the classic song "Cats (KATZ?) in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin?

    Could get very interesting IMHO! Could also be an April Fool's Joke.

    If I told ya, I'd have to kill ya.



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    • robbsbeach,

      The new DSCM DC is highly automated, but does not have the technology depicted in the link, as far as I know. By the way, did you click on the arrow and watch the 4 minute video? It's absolutely incredible!

      What DSCM DOES have is Central Fill for 3 million prescriptions. In one location. Filled by mailorder. This is the future, and even CMXSUX2 who was a frequent adversary of mine on this board (at HIS election, not mine) stated repeatedly that this was THE FUTURE of pharmacy. I agree with him... just not his egotistical rants. But the guy knew a TON about the Rx biz and he nailed this prediction, spot on.

      On a slightly different topic which you raise, I waved the flag on 90-day Rx's as a huge gamechanger, some time ago, and I still believe it remains so. It is retail-pharmacyland's answer to why mailorder isn't that much cheaper... except it is when you get into the more exotic drugs that are the hidden profit center of Walgreens... cancer drugs, chemo drugs, new medications that are almost unapproachably expensive, etc., etc.

      More to come on the latter point. MUCH MORE!



      p.s. Thanks for your posts. Even tho the pumpers think you are me, at least there is finally some interesting and relevent discourse on this sewer of a message board.

    • Big.Yank

      I did not want to step on your post, it stands on its own merit regarding mis-fill litigation costs.
      And should be included in SG&A discussions.

      Having looked into DSCM, I did not find any B&M(Brick and Mortar) or machines they control that provides Rx fills..
      Warehouses YES.

      If you could point that out, I would be more informed on my Investment decisions.

      I also have followed pharmacy automation since IBM introduced the first pharma computer the size of a small room..
      Its cost in the 70's was 1m+ I was told, and it did less than the first laptop.
      (See WSJ Game over)

      If I am not mistaken CXMgen and I understand how to use cost effective Technology/breaking established protocol's with new protocols.
      Kind of like a M&A with the Centers of Excellence's input..
      This was a limited graduating class, before PBM's were even considered.
      And what I found out Saturday is a Game changer IMHO..

      Mail-order is no longer a New business model, however, how you provide it can separate the Winners from the losers..
      90 day fills, I believe thats available even at Safeway.

      I still do not understand DSCM.Rx but I do understand Canada and several other counties medical cost's from a American's point of view..


    • Robbsbeach,

      Please see the message I just posted.

      It just keeps getting better...


    • "Six figure salaries, their fine homes, their nice cars and their trophy wives".

      A strong buyer Maggot.Man, posted the above statement about Walgreens Pharmacists/SG&A outlook and lifestyles choices at Walgreens/ this is the way investors should embrace.

      Have you heard about these ATM Rx machines, they even have Cam's attached without a 110,000,000 price tag.
      Just think of the possibilities, a candy bar with your insulin.
      Do ya Think?? they can bill for a intervention event too..

    • Rx's cost less in Canada and pharmacists are paid less. A lot less than here. Got it?

      But, heck, a little cross-border competition is healthy in reducing prescription drugs prices for everyone, but maybe especially so for those with entitlement assistance such as Madicare, Medicaid, VA and the taxpayers that both Federally and, in the States, must ante up for their neighbor's pharmacy care.

      Maybe "There is a way..."

      Then, again, maybe NOT.



    • Yeah, I think you should get a lawyer and prosecute!

      How does it feel, being such a manipulated tool?


      This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Walgreens is THE GOLD STANDARD

      Record Sales

      Record Earnings

      Record Dividends

      Record Acquisitions

      Record Customer Counts

      Record Market Share

      Record "On Sale" Share Prices






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