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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Aug 2, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    someone got slapped!

    As reported in the Seattle times
    August 1, 2011.

    If you sat on the board I would think others board members would look at trending growth!!
    As reported in the Seattle times
    August 1, 2011.
    Membership in Humana's stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plans was up 41 percent from a year ago at 2.4 million members. Humana credited the upswing in part to teaming with retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to offer a Medicare prescription drug plan.

    Retail is at the end of the Insurance chain, this is lesson that should be
    considered from the Above referenced article.

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    • Sure, they're accountants. They look at historicals, trends, cash flow & all sorts of stuff. They also look at potentials flies in the ointment. Walgreen is the largest retail provider of rx drugs. Clearly they have a large, loyal customer base. It is far better to have them on board than not. None of these banks wants to make a large loan in the current economic environment until they minimize risk.

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      • With all due respect, all your points are true except one.
        Making a loan commitment based on a single supplier, if this was the case
        why would Esrx seek a merger/buyout having not consulted with their bankers.
        It was reported that ESRX was disappointed and also reached out to Walgreens after this announcement.
        The current healthcare/entitlement enviroment was seen by several leaders in this industry Years ago, just ask Cmxgen.
        I would think this will be worked-out,
        just like low cost copays and 90 day fills.
        "Disruptive Change" has occurred in the past and will continue until the circle completes itself and then starts all over with new drugs, Treatments and Technology..
        That is the bio-logical sector you are in.

        Cmxgen, this was your question do care to respond..