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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Aug 21, 2011 2:03 AM Flag

    Pill Box or Mail Box

    Health Insurance along with Medicare/ Medicaid the Federal medical reimbursement plans continues to face mounting pressure to reduce expenses.

    By Turkey day better known as Thanksgiving to us Americans, the federal budget Axe cutting committee will have little choice on which entitlements see expense reductions.
    What is about to change is Traditional medical services and how these services are dispensed.
    Medical Researchers have established that patients who receive a 90 day supply of drugs have a better chance of avoiding more expensive medical procedures and Hospital admissions, leading to a more enjoyable life.
    The high cost, pill counting pharmacist has continuously avoided the technology of a lower cost alternative, Computer Automation.
    This technology eliminates the mundane task of counting pills and putting them into a capped bottle, Automation has made it safer and more cost effective for the end user.

    This fact can be seen by viewing the cans/bottles of Coca Cola available today,
    this product was at one time formulated on-site and only available at a Drug Store.

    Free-enterprise with competition Changed this and will continue to disrupt outdated concepts in distribution channels.

    Accessing your Health care provider pharmacist is no longer limited to waiting in the Pill Box with current Communication technology available.
    "You got Mail" Has forever changed physical limitations.
    This Fact also has impacted the distribution channeling of CDS, and now healthcare researchers and payor's are questioning how effective has this interaction of the pharmacist/patient been in reducing healthcare costs and leading to a healthier lifestyle for the patient.
    I suggest to anyone reading this post that Technology and research on lifestyle cost outcomes will be the driving force in achieving a larger Market share in this sector now and into the future for healthcare Insurers and providers.


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    • The reason why mail order has not made very deep inroads into Medicare & Medicaid is b/c both plans have mandates prohibiting mandatory mail order. In addition, both Medicare and Medicaid have provisions allowing for 90 day supplies at POS. As I’m sure CMXGEN will verify, independents, the least likely to have automation, have successfully carved out market areas where their primary business is the filling and free delivery of primarily Medicare and Medicaid prescriptions. In fact, gov’t programs comprise the bulk of most independents business. Why mess with mail order when the independent right down the street will dispense a 90 day supply and deliver it to your house in much less time than mail order for free…..and if they are a true traditional independent pharmacy they can also include a deli sandwich and a homemade milk shake with that delivery….