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  • cmxgen cmxgen Aug 25, 2011 11:24 PM Flag

    The Cost to Fill a Script:


    I dont know where the opportunities will be in Pharmacy. We chase after profitable prescriptions, but where are they?
    This is a volume game with low overhead.

    AARP/Humana/Prescription Solutions/ with mail order will take most of the maintenance medications. PBMs will not reimburse retail for just being there. Per profit scripts averages are headed south.

    WAG will soon realize that this year its ESRX, next year look to CVS/CMX, UNH do start doing something similar.

    I have considered using the 100+ independents I have contact with in creating a preferred network, however they do not work with each other. There is probably an opportunity for a company to come together and create the preferred network using only independents and small retailers. Would you go after this? I know of several individuals who have created PBM models in the past.

    WAG is in a unique position because unlike CVS with CMX Specialty, they are vulnerable to an incredible top line hit with brand expiration. Just how much specialty does WAG do with more and more prescriptions going towards managed care.
    Additionally, they cannot control their profitability at retail, as ESRX, CVS probably purchase better than WAG because of larger market share.

    I have always felt that CVS or WAG will move to number 3 with WMT taking number 2. Looks like it will be CVS, WMT, then WAG?

    ESRX has an extremely sharp bright exec. mgmt core, I wonder what they have up their sleeve. They hold the upper hand as no one else is joining WAG in this fight.
    4 months until showdown time, however WAG will probably go public on September earning call with dispute. I would love to see ESRX counter with ads in WSJ showing what they are doing and how wag is........

    we shall see

    so are you thinking about creating a PBM? just a thought how about going to a midsize employer or state and managing only the specialty patients? counseling, MTM, etc...

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    • They buy their drugs at lower prices than competition especially walmart! WalMart has to pay their pharmacists way more than everybody else to keep them from jumping ship due to poor conditions and they move such a small amount of product next to Walgreens they never will make any money in their pharmacy. Walgreens refuses to use their pharmacy as a loss leader and the competition that chooses to lose money filling the scrips that Walgreens rejects will just fall by the wayside like Rite Aid soon will and Revco did years ago and CVS will when the scheme collapses. 99% of Independents are such a joke they don't even deserve a mention like the guy who posts here and claims to be an "independent pharmacist" but still has time to post night and day. Give me a break! Any independent who wants to stay in business doesn't have even a moment to waste his time bashing Walgreens. Super joke and probably not even a pharmacist but another wannabe like another poster who spends night and day here. HUGE JOKE!

    • Sorry, I will get back to you and not in this forum..

      Just believe what Alexander- >Hello.. Bell said about success.


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