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  • crnxgen crnxgen Sep 9, 2011 6:51 PM Flag

    WAG abandons Express Scripts

    "Most people look at that letter and are looking for alternate pharmacies."

    As an independent pharmacist who spends most of his time ignoring the customers, because I am posting on message board using my computer to bash Walgreens instead of filling prescriptions, I disagree with the idea that people will look for another pharmacy, because they LIKE THEIR PHARMACIST and they DISLIKE their 3rd party program that is faceless, impersonal and always denying their claims! They will force their employer to find a 3rd party program that is acceptable to Walgreens because they have loyalty to Walgreens and they have NO LOYALTY to either their health plan who they hate or Express Scrips who they probably have NEVER HEARD OF!

    "Consider going to an Independent as you will get better customer service."

    NOT AT MY STORE! You will get to meet my $7.00/hour tech that I pile all of the work on, deny him breaks because I am posting on Yahoo and force him to handle all customer complaints! However I do make quite a bit of money selling adult diapers to a fat, corpulent slob who got fired from the Walgreens down the street for incompetence in the camera department and posts here quite a lot! He doesn't worry about my high prices because we charge it all to the government!