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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 3, 2011 5:01 PM Flag

    WSJ, Reuters and Blomberg's News.

    I suggest we post our comment on these sites to let the
    Censors Know that This will be the April Spring for Global Investors.

    As The Famous line was delivered to Professor Falcon in the movie War Games "Would you like to play a game." This can be moved to a Gobal stage.


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    • robbsbeach,

      The value of posting anything on this board diminishes by the day. You either waste time having to reset browser settings to view one-starred messages or searching for replies to threads that have been deleted.

      Any post with content seems to get eradicated. The ones that Yahoo permits to remain are those that use obscenities or talk about "poop" or ridiculous fables claiming to be another poster's mother or father. Or, of course, the ever-popular misspelling and bad grammar diatribes that are so relevent (?) to investment strategy.

      It is increasingly pointless to even bother readintg most of the worthless crap that Yahoo obviously relishes at the expense of intelligent discussion of stock related issues.