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  • big.yank big.yank Oct 5, 2011 11:13 AM Flag

    90 Day Prescriptions

    I wanted to recomment on an item I referenced earlier. If you look at the detailed numbers for September sales, Wag's Comp Rx business increased by 1.9% But the footnote states that includes +4.1% from re-factoring 90 day Rx's into the total. If you back out the calendar shifts and reduced flu impact it looks to me like core comp Rx volume declined by .7%!

    Am I missing something, here?


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    • Why not back out brand price increases as well?

      WAG is doing well, they are just feeling the gross margin pressure. Despite having a sales drop, look at overall numbers. Very strong.

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      • Why would ESRX and Medco wish to avoid a 90 day Rx program at Walgreens? Could it have something to do with Walmart having a $10 price vs. $12 at Walgreens? Doesn't ESRX have a 90 day program with Walmart? Could this impasse have something to do with Walgreens also requiring membership in The Prescription Savings Club with an annual fee of $20 for individuals and $35 for families?

        Where o where is stephanie to help unravel these mysteries of pharmacyland?



    • "Am I missing something, here?"

      Yes, you are missing something.

    • Seeing no dissent in the form of messages with different views, I conclude that my original interpretation of the numbers reported by Walgreens Corporate was correct... same store Comp Rx sales actually DECLINED by .7% in September.

      That is a STUNNING decline. It tells me that 90 day Rx's are becoming the future which, hence, looks much cheerier for low cost providers and mailorder. Neither of these potentially winning areas in the retail pharma space include Walgreens to any measurable extent, IMHO.

      Anyone care to challenge the September sales numbers reported by Walgreens, my interpretation of them or have an opinion on whether the DECLINE in S/S Rx volume might have arisen from ESRX clients jumping the gun and switching early to a new pharmacy source before January?

      Inquiring minds want to know...