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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Oct 12, 2011 2:51 PM Flag

    Dear Harry:

    I read about your situation, that Walgreens will not be able to provide
    you with you medication after 12/30/11.
    This simply is not TRUE, Walgreens will not be able to bill your Insurance Company(BC/BS)on your behalf after this date.
    However if you pay in CASH for you medicine you are still allowed to submit your Rx bill to your Insurance company.
    As for your stock holdings in Walgreens, that is a issue you need to discuss with your financial adviser and if the Walgreens/Esrx dispute might cause a problem in your Retirement planning.

    Just to bring you up to speed this dispute is 6-8 Billion dollar income issue.

    Good Luck,

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    • Cmxgen:

      1st thing I would do is use the experience you received from Caremark.
      On, how to provide Value to your patient and their family..
      I sure that was taught to you!!

      Second, I would look at the retail offering you patient was receiving and
      provide the Wow factor as a Independent.

      As for the transfer blockage you are receiving, there is no stronger relationship than the trust that the Pt's places in his/her MD,

      Good luck!

      Picking a Insurance plan based on a Pharmacy, How Rediculious..


    • Hi Robb at least 100 patients, with gross billing totaling 200K.

    • Just as an FYI:

      The lost revenue number has (as of about 7-10 days ago) been estimated (within the company) at about $3.6 billion, with the number decreasing every day as new (direct) contracts roll in. What's better, from Wag's perspective, is that those new contracts are more profitable than the Express contracts. Which is to say that WAG could make up ALL of the lost income just by retaining a percentage of the customers that currently come to Walgreens with Express Scripts as their carrier.

      In all honesty, things are looking better for WAG almost by the day. I wouldn't be surprised if, in seeing the writing on the wall, ESRX comes limping in with their tail between their legs, begging WAG to take them back. They could be ruined by this, otherwise.

    • just to clarigy: it is 5.3 Billion in sales, not income, from ESRX.

      PBM margins are in the 7% range. While the loss of this account is big, it is less than 7% of WAG's total revenue.

      This does not factor in Co's or customers that can escape from ESRX

      ESRX refuses to acknowledge what the customers will save by not having WAG as an option.

      • 1 Reply to greglc200
      • The number that was referred to in projected loss from the Esrx insured
        is looking at the larger spend on medicinal products that are not covered by a prescription.
        Thousands of OTC products are consumed
        by the Health insured population that are not reimbursed.
        i.e Cough/Cold, Aspirin, Vitamins and Minerals, Wound Care, and the list goes on, even into Water filters for Immuo-suppressed patients on Chemo ect.

        So escaping from A PBM's control is not likely to occur with the cost savings that are occurring in Medication Therapy Management Services.

        Health Insurance providers have shifted managing rising cost risks to PBM's who in turn are shifting this risk to the retail prescription providers.

        All medical systems have a cost structure built on the population it serves and the fee for services it offers.
        Those are the facts.

        Savings discounts that are not supported by Outcome spend results, will be pushed until optimal outcomes are proved and achieved.