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  • Snoot32 Snoot32 Nov 25, 2011 12:31 PM Flag

    Have we settled with ESRX?

    I would agree...why else the jump? The stock was hammered by everyone and everything....

    CMX ..what are you doing these days?

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    • Doing well....opened my own store. Looking to ride the specialty wave for the coming years.

      Here is the interesting thing for WAG. If they cant come to terms with ESRX, and the scenario that WAG things will happen, that clients will move to other PBMs comes to fruition, CVS will be the main beneficiary. CVS/CMX (caremark) will control @ least 50% of US market share.....WAG would still lose because at the next (wag/cvs) reimbursement meeting, CVS will have all the leverage.

      I guess thats the long term view and execs are only concerned quarterly? year in Illinois we are expecting major cutbacks from Medicaid in pharma reimbursement. This will hurt independents.

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      • Good for you! Specialty and DME/HME is one thing we struggle with as well as the Senior customer. IL Med is gonna squeeze everyone but I'm sure you have deep pockets to ride it out.

        IMO..WAG has done a bad job of explaining ESRX contrat dispute to the customers.

        I'm sure ESRX would be concerned about direct contracts once their client contracts expire. WAG shouldve done a better job with that..IMO

      • Not just Illinois, several states have the same problem.

        Time to work the staples into the shop,
        No PBM police there.
        Costco has helped many business owners provide staples at a fair price.

        Work with your referral's also, most MD's like working with the owner and staff in Communities.
        Nutritional guidance in specialty works.

        I saw the mailorder response from the Com. Pharmacies.
        Looked pretty filtered to me, I'm sure CVS, Medco and Esrx will not be happy and will respond with a Industry report..

        Do you think Monday we might have a better understanding?