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  • wolverine8774 wolverine8774 Nov 27, 2011 8:39 PM Flag

    Have we settled with ESRX?

    Pharmacy hour cuts were announced in my area. 10% or more of hours gone. More cuts possible depending on losses feb/mar timeframe if not before. front end hour cuts coming after the first of the year.

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      I am so glad to hear that. Hope your pay is impacted although it would be better if you were just simply discharged! As a stock owner pay cuts are music to my ears as payroll trees need periodic trimming and you sound like a dead branch! You are also not the kind of employee I would like to have representing me if I owned a drugstore. Do you spend your day SHOUTING at customers like you do here and are you a POS in real life just like you seem to be here? My guess is YES on both counts. Walgreens will be just fine going forward but they need to get rid of "dead wood" to upgrade their consumer experience so just say goodbye and move on with your worthless life.

    • I am sorry to hear that. Hope your pay is not impacted.