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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Nov 30, 2011 9:22 AM Flag

    Lipitor's outlook :


    I never get emotional over large cap companies, having worked for a few.
    I think Peter Lynch once said he looks for companies that a dummy could run because eventually one will.
    I closed my position on buying puts, I hope that answers your question.

    I think there is still some downside risk but not enough for me to sell short with the profit potential of lipitors generic sales juicing the numbers..
    Could this change, if the Risk entity mandates M/O vs Retail??
    At the right price I may take a long position.
    The current outlook is around 30.00 with this conflict, so I think you are seeing a small optimistic outlook.
    Should 1/1/13 expire and a pending M&A
    this thing could get ugly with SG&A fixed.
    Is this subject to change, of course.

    So would I buy today.. only at the fixed price I have valued this at!!
    Under $30.


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    • now were getting somewhere, why are you scared to post your trades? Are they real trades or are you a monday morning quarterback? I think its a lack of self confidence and you are scared to be wrong. I think your a great poster of information but we need to make money here. We are even close to agreement on going long in the 30 range which was my long the stock and short the call play. If the trade does not work it puts me at my first entry price of 30. If I get called I make 3.5% in 4 weeks. Why would you not do a trade if you would do a entry at 30 anyhow? You know what I say too which is good luck long or short.

      • 1 Reply to milo_hanson
      • As of Today I have set my price.
        I missed the buy-in that you are
        now holding as I previously stated.

        As for informational postings or discussions, I would hope you would join-in more often, I am not a seasoned trader like yourself, big.yank, I believe paid you a complement on your
        skills, something I and others long or short on Walgreens could learn from.

        As for being a quaterback, The view and food is more enjoyable sitting in the Skybox.

        Good luck Today.;