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  • robbsbeach robbsbeach Nov 30, 2011 11:40 PM Flag

    Now WAG make a deal with ESRX

    big.yank you might want to listen what the Walgreens temple guardians are saying.
    David Karish had such a following, and after all this is about Investing.

    The Walgreens pied Piper has its following, so as investors we should rely on information more than speculation or Rumors.
    5 billion in treasury stock will it offset losses in the next 3 years??
    What Stephanie said is no different than the CFO, who's only view was miles and miles of separation.

    Like I said, Walgreens is still selling Woodies while the market is buying

    I hope Stephanie knows how to make Sushi after 1/1/13, because as Cmxgen stated there are a lots of Pharmacy grads looking for work and they own an Ipod..

    Good Luck.

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    • robbsbeach,

      I think short of a bold, strategic move like a RAD buyout which, at best, would be a stretch for Walgreens I still believe WAG will enter its Nuclear Winter come 1/1/12.

      I actually think Stephanie's point regarding questioning the viability or need for PBM's in the future is a potentially healthy discussion. The contributions-to-date by PBM's, so far, are pretty well established. But going forward? It's worth considering, as are all options that can reduce healthcare costs in this troubled age of throwing the helpless and elderly under the bus.

      It is troubling to me that few posters seem to care or offer opinions on such topics which will exert profound impact, good or bad, on this company and its shareholders. These same issues will also have major impact on the quality of life in America.


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      • Discussing PBM's and there growth involve more than this board understands.
        This is a retail sector and has a limited outlook on the Medical Industrial Complex.
        big.yank it took this Sector 20 years to understand that Compliance and outcomes impact medical costs.
        And only now are they engaging in this effort, PBM have the lead in this and
        will grow M/O market share on Maintenance drugs.
        Do you think it was by chance that Medco/ Esrx contracted with PFE.

        Know one knows how the Generics will play out in Cost issues or what effects the Fillers will produce, Clinical studies are never run on generics but outcome results on other generics have been.
        Is this a note of concern??
        One Pharma teamed up with PFE but the other company allowed to manufacture this has had issues..

        Medical treatments have evolved from the days of filling a Rx.
        Population based diseases have been mapped and best treatment protocols are already being used..

        PBM may not be liked but they have been effective in Spend!!