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  • big.yank big.yank Dec 3, 2011 8:20 AM Flag

    The QII Numbers are In!

    Now the tweaking and massaging begin.

    Factors affecting results: calendar shifts, flu shot comps, Rx volume vis-a-vis the ESRX impasse and sales comps.

    A "beat" could delay The Nuclear Winter for another quarter. A "miss" could be a Santa visit for shorts.

    As was earlier pointed out by another poster, the C/C on December 22nd should be very interesting.

    All genuine opinions welcome.



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    • I think this Quarter will be called the Magical Mystery tour.

      Flu shots started very early this year,at a higher price
      so this should help, Millions of flu shots to given away early, book these!!
      Holding off Manufacturing payment, yea go for it..

      I would expect we see a increase in 90 day fills again.
      Drug inflation go for it.. at least good for 4%
      Inventory increases and valuation of those Rx file buys, book it.

      How about refinancing of Debt and asset sales.. that alway helps. put that in..

      Are we at 95%-97% percent yet??,
      Pump..Pump... Pump..

      Beer, Wine and Sushi and there you are.

      Analysts do you now have any qestions??

      Launch date 1/1/13..
      Are the Shelters ready??

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      • By Katie Moisse
        Nov 30, 2011 12:54pm1040979
        Walgreens Offering $10 Million in Free Flu Shots

        "Walgreens is offering $10 million worth of flu shot VOUCHERS to uninsured Americans who can’t afford the vaccine.

        For the second year in a row.

        “With the help and support of HHS, we’ve been able to provide free access to flu vaccine to people in need and improve immunization rates in underserved communities,” Kermit Crawford, Walgreens’ president of pharmacy services, said in a statement. “We’re making an impact and helping to keep people healthy throughout the flu season.”

        The move also gets 300,000 new customers into the 7,700 participating pharmacies.

        300,000 shoppers with no Health Insurance, sounds like a well-healed

    • I think real numbers are negative.

      They are losing not only ESRX, but Med Part D (UNH) is pushing their participants hard towards mail order.